Self-Watering Violet Pots with Violet Plant


These self-watering violet pots include one violet plant. This is a special one-time offer only available to Bozeman, Montana area gardening enthusiasts.

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This special offer of two pots and one African violet, is only for residents in the Bozeman, Montana area. I have too many violets and an extra violet pot! My loss is your gain. These two pots have a reservoir for you to add water and walk away for a week or more at a time. This really appeals to the negligent side of my nature, but these violets aren’t really happy in my home. They need someone who has a better environment, rather than my chilly, drafty kitchen where they don’t get enough light. The plant that is included is putting out buds, the photo of the flower is what those flowers will look like. It will have lovely double-flowers of a pale pinkish purple. I hope someone in the area is looking for a good deal on African violet self-watering pots.


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